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Each bridge created within the TM console operates via the following flow:

  1. An event source retrieves data.
  2. A broker to act as an event bucket
  3. A trigger that subscribes the Target to receive events from the broker.
  4. A target that receives events.

Creating a New Bridge

For this example a small service called Event Display is used as the Target. Event Display prints all the messages it receives into a log.

  • From the Bridges view. Select Create New

  • Select Create a new Bridge.

  • Select Sources

  • Select CronJob from the popup menu.

  • Give it a name such as "test-cron", a Cron Schedule of every minute (or /1 * * *), and keep the Cron data set at {"foo": "bar"}.

Before configuring a Bridge, normally, a Target would be created or pre-existing, because this example assumes a fresh TM console, There are no services currently deployed so a detour to the Target section is required. * Select Service here.

  • Select Create New from the Existing Service dropdown.

  • Select Image Catalog, then Event display, and finally SAVE

This will complete the flow from Source to Trigger automatically for us by creating an auto-trigger.

  • We can finish now by selecting SUBMIT BRIDGE from the top right corner.

  • To verify the functionality of the bridge, navigate to the Services section.

  • The event display service that was created with the bridge will be shown. When that is clicked, there will be a page showing the details of the service.

  • When the PODS link is selected, the a list of associated pods will be shown. There is only one, but if you click the button that says "Logs" on the far right side of the list, then the log for that event will be displayed.

  • We now can see the log for that event.

Highlighted Bridges

  • Slack to Confluent: learn how to subscribe to events at Slack and get them delivered to a Confluent Kafka cluster.