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The TriggerMesh console provides a central location to view and store sensitive information called Secrets. The secrets created here can then be used by any service deployed via the TriggerMesh platform.

From the Secrets view. Select Create New. Selecting the button here will give you a choice to create various secrets (e.g AWS, GitHub, GitLab, GCP)


All the AWS event sources need access to some AWS API credentials to be able to establish a secure connection.

You should create a AWS IAM user and generate a dedicated set of API credentials with only the proper permissions. Once you are ready to create your secret, click on AWS.

Once you do so, you can create a secret with the AWS specific wizard shown below:

The secret name is pre-configured to be aws, but you can edit this name when you are creating a new secret. The keys are aws_access_key_id and aws_secrets_access_key.

Using a Secret in a Service Definition

If your service needs access to a secret, you can load it in a service definition through the Service creation wizard.

Select Advanced Configuration, a pane will expand and at the bottom you will be able to select the secrets that you want your service to use.

Using a Secret in a Source Definition

When you deploy a new event source, that source may need a secret to access an external API. A dropdown menu is available in the source configuration which will let you choose the pre-created secret.

Accessing Your Secrets with kubectl

These secrets are stored as Kubernetes secrets and protected via RBAC rules.

You can interact with your secrets using kubectl and the configuration downloaded for using tm.

kubectl --kubeconfig=config.json -n <your_login_username> get secrets