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Event Source for Github

This event source creates a webhook to listen for incoming Github Events, turning received requests into CloudEvents to be consumed by other TriggerMesh components.


  • GitHub Tokens

Create GitHub Tokens

Create a personal access token for GitHub that the GitHub source can use to register webhooks with the GitHub API. Also decide on a secret token that your code will use to authenticate the incoming webhooks from GitHub (secretToken).

The token can be named anything you find convenient. The Source requires repo:public_repo and admin:repo_hook, to let it fire events from your public repositories and to create webhooks for those repositories. Copy and save this token; GitHub will force you to generate it again if misplaced.

Here's an example for a token named "GitHubSource Sample" with the recommended scopes:


Deploying an Instance of the Source

Open the Bridge creation screen and add a source of type Github.

In the Source creation form, give a name to the event source and add the following information:

  • Secret: Reference to a TriggerMesh secret containing an Access Token and Secret Token, as described in the previous sections.
  • Name: all TriggerMesh components need a unique name per namespace.
  • Broker: request converted into CloudEvents will be sent to this location.
  • Repository owner and Name: A valid GitHub public repository owned by your GitHub user. (eg. /).
  • Event Types: Select from the dropdown the types of events the source should emit.

After clicking the Save button, you will be taken back to the Bridge editor. Proceed by adding the remaining components to the Bridge, then submit it.

A ready status on the main Bridges page indicates that the event source is ready to receive notifications from the Github Event Source.

Bridge status


Verify the GitHub webhook was created by looking at the list of webhooks under the Settings tab in your GitHub repository. A hook should be listed that points to your Knative cluster with a green check mark to the left of the hook URL, as shown below.


More Information

More information on the Github Event Source can be found here:

Event Types

The Github event source emits events that begin with dev.knative.source.github. and end in the event type. For example: dev.knative.source.github.pull_request, dev.knative.source.github.create, and dev.knative.source.github.delete.