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Event Source for Webhooks

This event source exposes a generic HTTP endpoint to be configured at external systems webhooks or be called from custom applications. It turns received requests into CloudEvents to be consumed by other TriggerMesh components.


  • An external client that executes HTTP requests.
  • When using HTTP basic authentication, a secret containing the password.

Deploying an Instance of the Webhook Source

Open the Bridge creation screen and add a source of type Webhook.

In the Source creation form add the following information:

  • Name: all TriggerMesh components need a unique name per namespace.
  • Broker: request converted into CloudEvents will be sent to this location.
  • EventType: string that identifies the purpose for all messages produced from this source.
  • EventSource: string that identifies the origin for all messages produced from this source.
  • Basic Auth Username: (optional) HTTP basic authentication username.
  • Basic Auth Password (optional) points to a secret that contains the HTTP basic authentication password.

After clicking the Save button, you will be taken back to the Bridge editor. Proceed to adding the remaining components to the Bridge, then submit it.

The exposed URL can be retrieved by navigating to Services and clicking on the corresponding Webhook source component.

Events Types

The Webhook source creates a cloud event for each request received. CloudEvents header event type and event source are set to the configured values. Event data is set to the received body at the request.

Cloud Event header example:

CloudEvent Description Example
type User defined
source User defined cool-tshirts
time Event time 2020-06-21T09:44:35Z
id Generated UID e150b165-c77d-4378-adf7-5d94c26e996d

Cloud Event data example (same as received body):

  "operation": "signup",
  "user": {