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Event Targets

The following is a list of TriggerMesh event destinations known as Targets. Some are available as open source projects, some as hosted solutions on our Cloud.

Current TriggerMesh Targets

  • Alibaba
    • Alibaba OSS: Forward arbitrary events to an Alibaba Cloud OSS bucket.
  • AWS
  • Confluent: Forward events to Confluent Kafka.
  • Datadog: Forward event payload to Datadog.
  • Elasticsearch: Send events to Elasticsearch to be indexed.
  • Google Cloud Workflows: Execute Google Cloud Workflows with Cloudevents.
  • Google Firestore: Send events to Google Firestore
  • Google Sheets: Append events to a GoogleSheets Sheet row.
  • Hasura: Send GraphQL queries to Hasura.
  • HTTP: Send HTTP queries to external services.
  • InfraJS: Advanced manipulation of CloudEvents.
  • Jira: Send requests to Jira API.
  • Forward events to
  • Oracle: Forward events to the Oracle Cloud.
  • Salesforce: Forward arbitrary events to Salesforce.
  • SendGrid: Forward arbitrary events to SendGrid.
  • Slack: Forward events to Slack as messages to deliver immediately, scheduled, or as an update to a pre-existing message.
  • Splunk: Forward arbitrary events to Splunk.
  • Tekton: Use event to submit a Tekton build.
  • Twilio: Send an SMS via Twilio in response to events.
  • Zendesk: Perform actions in Zendesk upon reception of certain events.