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Functions may be used to implement custom event flow logic and may act as a source, transformation, or target. Python, NodeJS, and Ruby are the currently supported Function types.


There is another example of Writing a Function in the Guides.

API Reference

Function is documented in the API Reference


The specification of each target is available through kubectl explain. For example:

kubectl explain function.spec
KIND:     Function

RESOURCE: spec <Object>

     Desired state of the function.

   ceOverrides  <Object>
     Defines overrides to control modifications of the event attributes.

   code <string> -required-
     Function code.

   entrypoint   <string> -required-
     Function name to use as an entrypoint.

   eventStore   <Object>
     EventStore service connection string.

   public   <boolean>
     Should the function be publicly available.

   responseIsEvent  <boolean>
     Whether function responds with CE payload only or with full event.

   runtime  <string> -required-
     Function runtime name. Python, Ruby or Node runtimes are currently

   sink <Object>
     Sink is a reference to an object that will resolve to a uri to use as the
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