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Sources are the origin of data and events for ingestion into TriggerMesh. An event source often acts as a gateway between an external service and the Bridge. Sources may be irregular events, periodic data updates, batch processes, or even continuous event streams.


Examples of Sources include GitHub, IBM DB2 and Oracle databases, Salesforce, ZenDesk, or any number of cloud-based events such as Amazon S3, Azure Activity Log, or Google Cloud Audit Logs.

All sources available can be found by listing the CRDs like so:

$ kubectl get crd -o jsonpath='{.items[?("")].spec.names.kind}'
AWSCloudWatchLogsSource AWSCloudWatchSource AWSCodeCommitSource AWSCognitoIdentitySource AWSCognitoUserPoolSource AWSDynamoDBSource AWSKinesisSource AWSPerformanceInsightsSource AWSS3Source AWSSNSSource AWSSQSSource AzureActivityLogsSource AzureBlobStorageSource AzureEventGridSource AzureEventHubSource AzureIOTHubSource AzureQueueStorageSource AzureServiceBusQueueSource GoogleCloudAuditLogsSource GoogleCloudBillingSource GoogleCloudPubSubSource GoogleCloudRepositoriesSource GoogleCloudStorageSource HTTPPollerSource OCIMetricsSource SalesforceSource SlackSource TwilioSource WebhookSource ZendeskSource

There is an example of Creating a Source available under Guides.

API Reference

All TriggerMesh-provided sources are listed and documented in the API Reference.

Knative Event Sources

There are a number of additional event sources provided by Knative.


The specification of each source is available through kubectl explain. For example:

kubectl explain googlecloudstoragesource.spec
KIND:     GoogleCloudStorageSource

RESOURCE: spec <Object>

     Desired state of the event source.

   bucket   <string> -required-
     Name of the Cloud Storage bucket to receive change notifications from. Must
     meet the naming requirements described at

   eventTypes   <[]string>
     Types of events to receive change notifications for. Accepted values are
     listed at All
     types are selected when this attribute is not set.

   pubsub   <Object> -required-
     Attributes related to the configuration of Pub/Sub resources associated
     with the Cloud Storage bucket.

   serviceAccountKey    <Object> -required-
     Service account key used to authenticate the event source and allow it to
     interact with Google Cloud APIs. Only the JSON format is supported.

   sink <Object> -required-
     The destination of events received via change notifications.