TriggerMesh Actions are based on Tekton Pipeline. Tekton builds the container images used to run application pipelines expressed as GitHub Actions.

Create a Task

You can express a Task in a manifest. For example, the following manifest represents a Task that will echo Hello World:

kind: Task
  name: echo-hello-world
    - name: echo
      image: ubuntu
        - echo
        - "hello world"

The TM console provides an easy to use YAML window for deploying Tasks from the browser. This is accessed by selecting Tasks from the Navigation menu.

Click on the Create Task button and select from YAML, to create a new task.

You will be presented with the following view in which you can paste your Task manifest.

Execute a Task

Clicking on the green RUN button will launch the execution of the Task

Once executed, the TaskRun view will show a green TaskRun object as below:

Clicking on the object name will lead you to the Task Run Details here we can view our YAML as well as the Logs. Navigate to the logs to find the a magnificent hello world:

CLI lovers can use use kubectl and tm to create Tasks from the CLI.