Continuous Deployment of Your Functions

The TriggerMesh console provides an interface called Repositories. Here the user is able to select a codebase, from a linked repository provider, to be continuously deployed. This codebase must contain a deployment manifest[^1] .

Register the Repository

The following example uses this sample repository. To follow along begin by forking the example to your repository provider.
  1. Select the Repositories section from the Navigation menu and then CREATE NEW

  1. Select a source control provider. Upon submission of this form you will be asked to authenticate with the chosen provider.

  1. Select the sample repository from the drop down list.

  1. Here you can specify the location of the serverless.yaml manifest as well as select specific Branch and Tag name's from the repository.

  1. Once registration is complete the Repositories view will contain your function project. You can disable the registration at any time by clicking on the Trash Can icon located on the right hand side of the item you would like to disable.

Viewing the Deployment

After every successful registration of a new repository a Task will be created for it.

  • Navigate to the Tasks view in the Actions section and click on the Task name.

  • This will display the manifest of the Task.

Deploying on Push Events

  • A Task will execute on each push event to its respective repository. You can view the details of the Task in the Task Runs section

  • Any push event on the registered repository will trigger a new build described in your serverless.yaml manifest.

Service Creation

  • On successful execution of the Task the service will be available and you will be able to see and use the function by navigating to the Services tab.

[^1]: A sample manifest can be found here ->