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Event sources

The following is a list of TriggerMesh event Sources, some available as open source projects, some available as hosted solutions on our Cloud.

Current TriggerMesh Sources

  • Azure
  • AWS
    • AWS CodeCommit: Capture notifications from an AWS CodeCommit repository.
    • AWS Cognito User Pool: Capture notifications from an AWS Cognito User Pool.
    • AWS DynamoDB: Capture activity from an AWS DynamoDB table.
    • AWS Kinesis: Forward messages from an AWS Kinesis Data Stream.
    • AWS S3: Subscribe to event notifications from an Amazon S3 bucket.
    • AWS SNS: Subscribe to messages from a AWS SNS topic.
    • AWS SQS: Capture messages from an AWS SQS queue.
  • Google Cloud
  • Webhook: Generic Webhook integration.
  • HTTP Poller: Generic HTTP Poller.
  • OCIMetrics: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Metrics
  • Salesforce: Consume messages from Salesforce Streaming API.
  • Slack: Consume messages from Slack API.
  • Zendesk: Source events from Zendesk, such as the creation of new tickets.