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Event Target for Amazon Comprehend

This event target receives CloudEvents over HTTP and sends them to Amazon Comprehend


  • AWS API key and secret.

Deploying an Instance of the Target

Open the Bridge creation screen and add a target of type Amazon Comprehend.

In the Target creation form, give a name to the event Target and add the following information:

  • AWS Secret: Reference a TriggerMesh secret containing an AWS API key and Secret.
  • Region: Denotes the region to run the Amazon Comprehend services from.
  • Language: Denotes the language to expect in the events.

After clicking the Save button, you will be taken back to the Bridge editor. Proceed to adding the remaining components to the Bridge, then submit it.

A ready status on the main Bridges page indicates that the Amazon Comprehend target is ready to accept events.

For more information about using Amazon Comprehend, please refer to the [documentation][].

Event Types


This target will consume arbitrary events and analyzes each of the key values sentiment. It then combines the scores and returns the analysis in a response event of type