Event Target for Confluent

This event target receives CloudEvents and forwards the event to a Confluent Kafka cluster.


  1. Access to a Kafka cluster with appropriate configuration details.

If a password is required, then consult the Secrets guide for additional information about how to add the password as a secret.

NOTE: Depending on the cluster and user permissions, the Kafka topic must exist prior to setting up the target. Otherwise, the target will attempt to create the topic which will require setting the Topic replication and Topic partition.

Deploying an Instance of the Target

Open the Bridge creation screen and add a Target of type Confluent.

Adding a Confluent Target

In the Target creation form, provide a name to the event Target, and add the following information:

  • Password Secret: Reference to a TriggerMesh secret containing the password associated with the user accessing the Kafka cluster as described in the Prerequisites.
  • Bootstrap Servers: Confluent bootstrap servers to connect to. Use ADD MORE button to add additional bootstrap servers if needed.
  • Topic: Confluent topic to publish events to.
  • Topic replication: Number of copies of the topic that should exist in the cluster.
  • Topic partitions: Number of partitions for the topic to allow for concurrency.
  • SASL Mechanism: Denote how to authenticate against Kafka. Can be one of: PLAIN or GSSAPI.
  • Security Protocol: Denote whether to encrypt the password using SSL/TLS.
  • Username: The username to connect to the Kafka cluster as. This field must have a value even if the cluster allows unauthenticated access.

Confluent Target form

After clicking the Save button, the console will self-navigate to the Bridge editor. Proceed by adding the remaining components to the Bridge.

Bridge overview

After submitting the bridge, and allowing some configuration time, a green check mark on the main Bridges page indicates that the bridge with a Confluent event Target was successfully created.

Bridge status

For more information about how to configure Confluent see the Confluent documentation.

Event Types

The Confluent Target leaves the CloudEvent type definition to the discretion of the implementer. In addition, no events are produced as a response.

If the Discard CloudEvent context attributes is disabled, then the full CloudEvent will be sent to Confluent. Otherwise, just the event payload will be sent.