Event Target for Jira

This event Target receives CloudEvents and invokes a Jira endpoint.


  1. Jira instance or Atlassian cloud tenant.
  2. User API token.

To create the user API token at Jira:

  • Open the Account settings > Security > Create and manage API Tokens
  • Press Create API token and fill the token name.
  • Copy the API token and create a secret for the Jira token at Triggermesh.

Consult the Secrets guide for more information about how to add the secrets.

Deploying an Instance of the Target

Open the Bridge creation screen and add a Target of type Jira.

Adding a Jira Target

In the Target creation form, provide a name for the event Target, and add the following information:

  • User: the Jira user account that created the token.
  • URL: base URL for the Jira instance.

Click the Save button, the console will self-navigate to the Bridge editor. Proceed by adding the remaining components to the Bridge.

After submitting the bridge, and allowing some configuration time, a green check mark on the main Bridges page indicates that the bridge with was successfully created.

Bridge status

Event Types

The Jira target accepts these event types:

  • io.triggermesh.jira.issue.create

The Jira target will create an issue when receiving this event type. The CloudEvent data must contain a Jira issue JSON formated as defined at this schema

Reply contains a a partially filled Jira issue with updated data.

  • io.triggermesh.jira.issue.get

The Jira target will retrieve an issue when receiving this event type. The CloudEvent data must contain a Jira Issue get request JSON formated as defined at this schema

Reply data contains a Jira issue.

  • io.triggermesh.jira.custom

The Jira target will request the Jira API when this event type is received. The CloudEvent data expects a generic API request definition as defined at this schema.

Please, refer to the Jira API on how to fill in values for these requests. Reply contains the raw response for the request.


Do a custom request to retrieve Jira projects:

  • event type: io.triggermesh.jira.custom
  • data:
  "method": "GET",
  "path": "/rest/api/3/project"

List assignable users to a project PR1

  • event type: io.triggermesh.jira.custom
  • data:
  "method": "GET",
  "path": "/rest/api/3/user/assignable/search",
  "query": {"project": "PR1"}

Create an issue

  • event type: io.triggermesh.jira.issue.create
  • data:
  "fields": {
        "key": "PR1"
      "labels": ["triggermesh","automated"],
      "summary": "Delete this test ticket.",
      "description": "This is a test issue created using Triggermesh Jira Target",
      "issuetype": {
        "name": "Task"
      "assignee": {
        "accountId": "5fe0704c9edf280075f188f0"

Retrieve an issue:

  • event type: io.triggermesh.jira.issue.get
  • data: