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Event Target for

This event Target receives CloudEvents and ships messages to


  • account
  • shipping token

Consult the Secrets guide for more information about how to add the shipping token as a secret.

Deploying an Instance of the Target

Open the Bridge creation screen and add a Target of type Logz.

Adding a Logz Target

In the Target creation form, provide a name for the event Target, and add the following information:

  • Shipping Token: Reference to a TriggerMesh secret containing the shipping token as discussed in the prerequisites.
  • Logs Listener URL: An API endpoint that can be found above your shipping token in the dashboard.

Adding a Target

After clicking the Save button, the console will self-navigate to the Bridge editor. Proceed by adding the remaining components to the Bridge.

After submitting the Bridge, and allowing for some configuration time, a green check mark on the main Bridges page indicates that the Bridge with was successfully created.

Event Types

A Logz event Target accepts the following CloudEvent types:


The Logz event Target can also consume events of type io.triggermesh.logz.ship, and will produce responses typed io.triggermesh.logz.ship.response.

The payload contains a JSON structure with elements to execute the API request:

  • message: The message to log within


Create a Logz message:

  • Event Type: io.triggermesh.logz.ship
  • Data:
{ "message":"hello world" }