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Tips for using TriggerMesh on Kubernetes

Using kubectl explain

You can explore the specification of any TriggerMesh object using the kubectl explain command. For example applying the command to the AWS SQS Source, you will see that you need the ARN (i.e Amazon Resource Name) of your AWS SQS queue and the AWS API keys that give you access to SQS.

$ kubectl explain awssqssource.spec
KIND:     AWSSQSSource

RESOURCE: spec <Object>

     Desired state of the event source.

   adapterOverrides     <Object>
     Kubernetes object parameters to apply on top of default adapter values.

   arn  <string> -required-
     ARN of the Amazon SQS queue to consume messages from. The expected format
     is documented at

   auth <Object>
     Authentication method to interact with the Amazon SQS API.

   endpoint     <Object>
     Customizations of the AWS REST API endpoint.

   messageProcessor     <string>
     Name of the message processor to use for converting SQS messages to
     CloudEvents. Supported values are "default" and "s3".

   receiveOptions       <Object>
     Options that control the behavior of message receivers.

   sink <Object> -required-
     The destination of events sourced from Amazon SQS.