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Zendesk target

Sends events to Zendesk, to either create tickets or tag existing tickets.

With tmctl:

tmctl create target zendesk --subdomain <subdomain> --email <email>

On Kubernetes:


apiVersion: v1
kind: Secret
  name: zendesk
type: Opaque
   token: <Zendesk token>


kind: ZendeskTarget
  name: triggermesh-zendesk
  #subject provides a default Subject for new Zendesk tickets. Optional
  subject: '' #Example: tmTickets0
  subdomain: '' #Example: tmdev1
  email: '' #Example:
       name: zendesktargetsecret
       key: token
  • Default Ticket Subject: An optional ticket subject fallback if one is not provided in an incoming event.
  • Zendesk Subdomain: Name of the Zendesk Subdomain, without the domain or https:// scheme.
  • Zendesk Email: Email address associated with the Zendesk account.
  • Zendesk API Token: Contains a token to communicate with the Zendesk API, as discussed in the prerequisites.

A Zendesk Target will ONLY accept CloudEvents with a "Ce-Type" of either com.zendesk.ticket.create OR com.zendesk.tag.create

  • Event's of type com.zendesk.ticket.create Expect both a subject and body to be preset.

  • Example of type : com.zendesk.ticket.create

    curl -v  \
    -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
    -H "Ce-Specversion: 1.0" \
    -H "Ce-Type: com.zendesk.ticket.create" \
    -H "Ce-Source: some.origin/intance" \
    -H "Ce-Id: 536808d3-88be-4077-9d7a-a3f162705f79" \
    -d '{"subject": "Hello", "body" : "World"}'

    An example response from the Zendesk Target after consuming an event of this type:

  • Event's of type com.zendesk.tag.create Expect both a id and tag to be preset.

  • Example of type : com.zendesk.tag.create
    curl -v  \
    -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
    -H "Ce-Specversion: 1.0" \
    -H "Ce-Type: com.zendesk.tag.create" \
    -H "Ce-Source: some.origin/intance" \
    -H "Ce-Id: 536808d3-88be-4077-9d7a-a3f162705f79" \
    -d '{"id":81 , "tag":"triggermesh"}'

See the Kubernetes object reference for more details.


  • Zendesk API token

You can find the steps to obtain an API token in the Zendesk API Docs.

For more information about using Zendesk, please refer to the Zendesk documentation.