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Twilio source

This event source is to be deployed and then registered as a webhook via a Twilio Proxy.

With tmctl:

tmctl create source twilio

On Kubernetes:

kind: TwilioSource
  name: sample
      kind: RedisBroker
      name: triggermesh

Events produced have the following attributes:

Example event emitted from this source:

☁️  cloudevents.Event
Validation: valid
Context Attributes,
  specversion: 1.0
  type: com.triggermesh.twilio.sms
  source: io.triggermesh.twilio/jeff/twilio-source
  id: 6a547451-be05-4da4-a10f-1af92422c7d1
  time: 2021-01-25T19:18:38.550812939Z
  datacontenttype: application/json
  knativearrivaltime: 2021-01-25T19:18:38.580569695Z
    "message_sid": "ASDFc9ac2663bbeASDFd51a",
    "sms_status": "received",
    "from_country": "US",
    "num_segments": "1",
    "to_zip": "99204",
    "num_meda": "",
    "account_sid": "ADF0610bd2e60abdda72",
    "sms_message_sid": "ASKDFb2c9ac26621CADfca1d51a",
    "api_version": "2010-04-01",
    "to_country": "US",
    "to_city": "SPOKANE",
    "from_zip": "27707",
    "sms_sid": "ASDFc2663bbefcASa",
    "from_state": "NC",
    "body": "hello world",
    "from": "<redacted>",
    "from_city": "DURHAM",
    "to": "<redacted>",
    "to_state": "WA"

See the Kubernetes object reference for more details.


  • A Twilio account (trial or paid)

Integrate with Twilio

Retrieve the public URL of the deployed TriggerMesh Twilio source.

Navigate to your Twilio dashboard and search for proxy

Twilio Proxy Search

From the Twilio Proxy dashboard select Create new Service and, in the following pop-up box, assign it a name.

Twilio Proxy Dash

You should now be on a similar page to this:

Twilio Proxy new Service

Enter the Domain that was retrieved earlier into the "CALLBACK URL", "INTERCEPT CALLBACK URL", and "OUT OF SESSION CALLBACK URL" fields. Then select Save

Twilio Proxy Service

Select Proxy Numbers

Twilio Proxy Register

Select Add Numbers

Twilio Proxy Register

Assing an available number

Twilio Proxy Register

All done!