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Amazon EventBridge target

Sends events to an Amazon EventBridge partner event bus.

With tmctl:

tmctl create target awseventbridge --arn <arn> --auth.credentials.accessKeyID <access key> --auth.credentials.secretAccessKey <secret key>

On Kubernetes:


apiVersion: v1
kind: Secret
  name: aws
type: Opaque
  AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID: "<AWS Access Key ID>"
  AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY: "<AWS Secret Access Key>"


kind: AWSEventBridgeTarget
  name: triggermesh-aws-eventbridge
  arn: arn:aws:events:us-west-2:<PROJECT_ID>:event-bus/cab-knative-event-test
          name: aws
          key: AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID
          name: aws
          key: AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY

When TriggerMesh is running on Amazon EKS, you can use an IAM role for authentication rather than an access key and secret. In this case, TriggerMesh will generate a Kubernetes service account for you that will leverage this IAM role. You also have the option of specifying your own service account name, and if a service account with the same name already exists and it is already managed by the TriggerMesh controller, then it will be reused. By reusing the same serivce account in this way, you can avoid having to create many STS trust relationships for each generated service account.

    roleArn: arn:aws:iam::123456789012:role/dev-role
    serviceAccount: aws-source-sa

For more details on authenticating with AWS, please take a look at our dedicated guide on AWS credentials.

The Amazon EventBridge event Target can consume events of any type.

Responds with events with the following attributes:

  • type

See the Kubernetes object reference for more details.


Although this event source can immediately start receiving events, those events can only be consumed after associating the TriggerMesh partner event source with a corresponding partner event bus.

To associate the TriggerMesh partner event source with a partner event bus:

  1. Navigate to the Partner event sources menu of the Amazon EventBridge Console.
  2. Select the "Pending" partner event source which name starts with aws.partner/
  3. Click the Associate with event bus button.

Partner event sources

On the next screen called Associate with event bus, click the Associate button.

Associate with event bus

Back to the Partner event sources page, your partner event source should now show as "Active".

Successful association

You will also see a custom event bus named after the TriggerMesh partner event source on the Event buses page.

Event buses

Your can now start creating rules that trigger on certain events in the Amazon EventBridge console.

For more information about using Amazon EventBridge, please refer to the EventBridge user guide.