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Configure autocompletion for tmctl

Work in progress

We are still working to stabilise these instructions for various configurations. Please let us know if you encounter difficulties.

With autocompletion with tmctl, you'll be able to hit the Tab key to get contextual recommendations for CLI commands and their parameters.

If you used brew install to install tmctl then autocompletion should already be configured. For other methods, please follow the instructions below.

echo 'source <(tmctl completion bash)' >>~/.bash_profile

If shell completion is not already enabled in your environment you will need to enable it by adding the following two commands to your .zshrc:

autoload -Uz compinit

With autocomplete for ZSH configured, you can proceed to configure autocomplete for tmctl with the following commands:

source <(tmctl completion zsh)
compdef _tmctl tmctl

For autocomplete to load automatically in a new terminal, you should also add the two previous commands to your .zshrc.

For other shells than those shown above, please try:

tmctl completion --help   

And then for example:

tmctl completion fish --help