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Twilio target

Sends events to Twilio.

With tmctl:

tmctl create target twilio --sid <sid> --token <token>

On Kubernetes:


apiVersion: v1
kind: Secret
  name: twilio
type: Opaque


kind: TwilioTarget
  name: <TARGET-NAME>
  defaultPhoneFrom: "<PHONE-FROM>"
  defaultPhoneTo: "<PHONE-TO>"
      name: "<YOUR-SID-SECRET>"
      key: "<YOUR-SID-SECRET-KEY>"
      name: "<YOUR-TOKEN-SECRET>"
      key: "<YOUR-TOKEN-SECRET-KEY>"
  • Default source phone number (Optional): Sender's phone number, usually configured to the phone number purchased at Twilio.
  • Default destination (Optional): Phone number to send messages to by default.
  • SID Secret: Contains the SID of the Twilio account.
  • Token Secret: Contains an API Access token for authenticating requests against the Twilio API.

Both the Default source phone number and Default destination configurations may be overridden by any the parameters in a CloudEvent sent to Target.

Although defaultPhoneFrom is not mandatory it will usually be configured by matching the phone number purchased with Twilio.

defaultPhoneTo will normally not be informed unless the desire is to send all messages to the same phone number by default.

Refer to Twilio docs for number formating.

Twilio Target accepts events of type io.triggermesh.twilio.sms.send, and expects a JSON payload from the CloudEvent that includes:

Name Type Description
message string Text to be sent in the body of the SMS message.
media_urls string Array of URLs pointing to JPEG, GIF or PNG resources.
from string Phone number sourcing the communication. Takes precedence over the value from the Twilio Target spec.
to string Phone number of the destination. Takes precedence over the value from the Twilio Target spec.

You can test the Target by sending it an event using curl:

curl -v http://twiliotarget-int1-8dc3abc7d44bdd0130bd0a311bea272f.knative-samples.svc.cluster.local
 -X POST \
 -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
 -H "Ce-Specversion: 1.0" \
 -H "Ce-Type: io.triggermesh.twilio.sms.send" \
 -H "Ce-Source: some.origin/intance" \
 -H "Ce-Id: 536808d3-88be-4077-9d7a-a3f162705f79" \
 -d '{"message":"Hello from TriggerMesh using Twilio!","to": "+1111111111"}'

See the Kubernetes object reference for more details.


A Twilio account is required to run this target:

  • Register a Twilio account
  • Purchase a phone number with
  • Retrieve from Twilio Dashbard Account SID
  • Retrieve from Twilio Dashbard Auth Token

For more information about using Twilio, please refer to the Twilio documentation.